MWS Pallets Closeup


Repaired Pallets
Miller’s Wood Specialties repairs standard-size pallets for resale by separating and grading each size by quality and style in order to offer customers the specific pallet they need at the cheapest possible Solution.

Recycled Pallets
When a standard pallet size is unavailable or a customer demands something unusual, Miller’s Wood Specialties can construct custom pallets with recycled lumber in order to offer a high-quality option at a lower price than new lumber.

Hardwood and Softwood
If recycled lumber is not an option, then Miller’s Wood Specialties has a full resaw facility that can cut mixed hardwood or softwood species to meet even the toughest customer demands.

Miller Wood Specialties Stacked Pallets


Miller’s Wood Specialties can build any type of wood crate or box so the customer’s product is delivered safe and secure. The engineering staff will work closely with the customer team to ensure all specifications are met and to optimize the shipping process of your products.
Mulch Yard


Our landscape products include color-enhanced mulch, undyed mulch, animal bedding, and sawdust. Products are available based on season and production schedules. We have multiple delivery methods for wholesale landscape products, including walking floor trailers, dump trailers, and small dump trucks.