Miller’s Wood Specialties is a multi-generational family-owned and operated industrial packaging company. We are centrally located in Indiana, but we have multiple affiliates strategically located throughout the continental United States. For over 40 years, we have specialized in manufacturing and recycling wood pallets, building custom crating, and providing special packaging solutions to all types of Industries.
Miller Wood Specialties Indiana Truck


We take pride in providing excellent customer service, producing high-quality products, and offering the best value in the industry. At Miller’s Wood Specialties, we value our customers and prove so by respecting their demands, schedules, and budgets. In addition to our customers, we equally value our employees. Our employees are highly skilled workers that have helped make us what we are today.




Starting in 1978, Joe and Cathie Miller discovered the need for recycling wood pallets from a few friends. Joe was a high school teacher and Cathie was a registered nurse. They started the company in a barn on their farm in rural Indiana. With full-time careers and 2 young kids, they started working in the evenings to make ends meet.

Full Time

After a few years and a lot of long nights, the pallet work turned into a full-time business and each respectively retired from their other careers to grow the company further.

First Building

After a decade on their farm and multiple additions to their barnyard, Joe and Cathie were able to expand the business into a small industrial building at 112 South Center Street in Cambridge City, Indiana. Their children Amber Schuyler (Miller) and Robert Miller begin helping on weekends and during school breaks.
New Facility
After a few more years of growth and the addition of automation, the company soon outgrew their site and moved the business to the current 10-acre facility at 850 East Church Street in Cambridge City, Indiana. Initially only occupying half of the building and renting out the other half, they cleared much of the site for outdoor storage.


In 1999, Miller’s Wood Specialties expanded again and began utilizing the entire 50,000 square foot building along with all 10 acres of the site.

Robert Returns

Robert Miller moved back to Indiana after working in construction management in Florida for the previous 5 years and joined his parents for the purpose of expanding the business further. Miller’s Wood Specialties introduces a wood grinding division for the purpose of recycling wood waste into mulch and animal bedding.
Management Change
Unfortunately, the management team of Joe, Cathie, and Robert was short-lived as Joe had to step away from the business due to health reasons. Cathie and Robert continued to improve efficiency and customer service.
Ownership Changes
Joe and Cathie sold the business to Robert in 2009 in order to keep the business in the family. They officially retired and took a well-deserved break from the day-to-day operations of being self-employed.

Additional Facilities

Miller’s Wood Specialties expanded through the acquisition of a warehouse and additional acreage to offer customers storage solutions and allow for future growth.

Diesel Repair

The company opened an affiliate diesel repair shop to assist with maintaining its trucking fleet and mulch processing equipment.
Miller’s Wood Specialties is focusing on automation by teaming up with leading machinery manufacturers to create the most advanced and efficient pallet recycling facility in the world. While it is an ambitious goal, it will allow the company to lead the industry into the future and continue to provide customers with the highest-value products and services possible.